Black Robe Regiment Revival

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There once was a time, when ministers weren't afraid to preach the Biblical principles concerning what constitutes good government. They believed that civil and religious liberty were joined together, and if you lose one, then you risked losing the other. They knew that it was a sin to refrain from preaching politics from the pulpit and not the opposite. They knew that the Christian faith is what guaranteed good government, and that government should encourage religion. What happened? Why is it so different today? We need a Black Robe Regiment Revival! read less
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The Underground Church
The Underground Church
In nations- that are hostile to the Christian faith- there exists two different churches: The state- run church that is mislabeled as the “official church”, and the true church known as the “underground church”. What can we learn about these two churches which, seemingly, profess the same faith, but are truly, the exact polar opposites? Topics Discussed The amazing life of Rev. Richard Wurmbrand- saint of the Underground Church.Leader of CCP-linked church offers mandatory sermon points for ministers.What are the differences between the “official” state-run churches, and the true “underground” church?Brief history of the Johnson Amendment, and the infamous FEMA program for “Romans 13” pastors.The Government cheese mega-churches and the CARES Act.When did churches become “vaccination” centers?The tendrils of the State infecting Western churches, and coercing them to indoctrinate their congregation in propaganda is eerily similar to the CCP and their mandatory sermon points.The unshakable, unconquerable Underground Church.2 Timothy 2:9-13, the lessons taught by St. Paul to St. Timothy about suffering and shame, and what we can learn from it today.“Even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound.” What does that truly mean?Do not be ashamed to suffer the fetters and chains of the world; for our Lord was not ashamed to carry His cross for us.Much, much more! Please like, share, and subscribe! Social Media- Email- Video- Video- Video- Video-