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DATABANK BRAWL REWIND - Wuher v Elan Sleazebaggano - EP 11


14-04-2024 • 35 mins

Welcome to Databank Brawl Rewind! Databank Brawl was a series that ran on ForceCenter from 2016 to 2020 and it remains one of our more beloved shows. Though Databank Brawl is on hiatus, we wanted to celebrate it along with the longtime listeners of the podcast and reintroduce it to the ForceCenter listeners who began listening to the podcast after the end of the show's run. Though all of the episodes remain on our podcast feed it can be daunting to scroll back and find them, so we're launching Databank Rewind. Here's your chance to go back to those episodes week-by-week and laugh with us at old jokes, memorable moments, unforgettable guests, and, yeah, old microphones, recordings, and perhaps some Star Wars predictions that came true alongside many that most certainly did not. Databank Brawl -- where Star Wars characters are plucked from the entries of the databank and forced to fight it out in an off-the-cuff podcast moderated by Joseph Scrimshaw. It's time to fight...

From the minds of Ken Napzok (comedian, host of The Napzok Files), Joseph Scrimshaw (comedian, writer, host of the Obsessed podcast), and Jennifer Landa (actress, YouTuber, crafter, contributor on comes the ForceCenter Podcast Feed. Here you will find a series of shows exploring, discussing, and celebrating everything about Star Wars. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Listen on TuneIn, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more!

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