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The Bad Batch - Into The Breach - The Bad Batch Report - EP 38


17-04-2024 • 1 hr 17 mins

Teamwork, togetherness, and trust! Those three themes are at the center of the thirteenth episode in this final season of The Bad Batch. While Omega actively decides to believe in the hope of escaping Mount Tantiss, the other Bad Batchers are racing into the breach for a rescue. Can they trust the former Imperial Rampart? Can Omega save the other children imprisoned with her? Is Emerie lying to herself? Is the Emperor an energy vampire?!?! So much is at stake as The Bad Batch races towards its conclusion! Go deep into the story as Joseph Scrimshaw, Jennifer Landa, and Ken Napzok review the thirteenth episode of the third season and discuss the themes, ideas, and stories within! It's The Bad Batch Report on ForceCenter.

From the minds of Ken Napzok (comedian, host of The Napzok Files), Joseph Scrimshaw (comedian, writer, host of the Obsessed podcast), and Jennifer Landa (actress, YouTuber, crafter, contributor on comes the ForceCenter Podcast Feed. Here you will find a series of shows exploring, discussing, and celebrating everything about Star Wars. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Listen on TuneIn, Amazon Music, Spotify, and more!

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