Outer Limits of Inner Truth with Ryan McCormick

Mental Health News Radio

13-10-2018 • 47 mins

Born & raised in Long Island New York, Ryan at an early age knew that he was a Fringe Dweller and was never considered a “normal kid.” Ryan always thought differently and while he loved learning, he found school to be incredibly boring. Ryan also drew ire from teachers for constant daydreaming and causing playful chaos. After escaping the clutches of organized religion & societal pressure to “fit in,” Ryan developed an insatiable curiosity for science & spirituality.

Ryan has zero regards for “sacred cows,” any type of collective group thinking, drama, and any institution that puts people on a ‘holier than thou horseshit’ pedestal above others.

On the journey of discovery Ryan has become a passionate animal rights activist. He’s also had the honor of working with several of his mentors including Metaphysical Visionary Stuart Wilde, Howard Stern, Ron Paul, and Michael Levine. Ryan has also spectacularly failed at stand up comedy, dating, having patience, and taking life seriously.

Ryan created the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show to explore consciousness, to give people tools to heal & liberate themselves; to help others accelerate their own self-discovery, to show how science & mysticism can work together, to honor great teachers, and to have a lot of fun.

“Here is where I’m supposed to put a quote about one of my supposed key pieces of wisdom. I’ll bet you were expecting some kind of guru type saying or catchy phrase that could be put on a t-shirt. Don’t have any of that stuff sorry. However, our featured guests have plenty of great quotes. Please listen to some of their shows. As a practical joke, I dare you to print out this quote and paste it on the desk of one of your new New Age thinking friends. Most don’t even read the quotes. If they haven’t removed this quote from their desk in a week chances are they haven’t also read any of those stacks of spiritual books they keep raving about.”
– Ryan McCormick / Outer Limits of Inner Truth