Gabrielle Fundaro | Fostering Long-Term Behavior Change Through Comprehensive Coaching

The Performance Connection Podcast

25-09-2023 • 58 mins

In this episode, Gabrielle Fundaro joins the show to discuss the complexities of fitness, mental health, and coaching. Gabrielle takes us through her educational and professional journey, which involves intensive research on the role of the microbiome in metabolic diseases and her shift from academia to full-time coaching.

We then delve into the relationship between our perception of body image and a sense of identity. Gabrielle shares tips on how to use motivational interviewing techniques and acceptance and commitment training to enhance clients' readiness and confidence when changing health and fitness behaviors. She also shares her insights on setting realistic goals, overcoming resistance, and facilitating meaningful conversations.

Lastly, Gabrielle provides tips on improving motivational interviewing skills, emphasizing the importance of practicing empathy. The episode is a treasure trove of insights for fitness professionals looking to improve their coaching skills and individuals seeking to make successful, long-term health and fitness changes.

Time Stamps:

[7:02] Using educational and career experiences to learn about yourself

[13:47] How to approach coaching in order to facilitate long-term change

[22:00] Balancing an action-based identity with an appearance-based identity

[26:54] Helping clients learn about themselves by identifying values and principles

[36:06] How to help others add health & fitness behaviors into their lifestyle

[42:09] Guiding clients without overwhelming them

[48:52] Resources to learn about coaching techniques

[53:51] Why practicing empathy will improve your coaching

Gabrielle Fundaro is the founder of Vitamin PhD Nutrition, a telehealth coaching business where she has guided hundreds of clients (and students!) to their long-term goals. She is also a researcher for and a writer for Previously, she was an Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Georgia Gwinnett College and a Renaissance Periodization Nutrition Coach. She earned her doctorate in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise from Virginia Tech as well as a BS in Exercise, Sport, and Health Education from Radford University. She's also an ACE-certified Health Coach with training in the Monash Low-FODMAP process and motivational interviewing.

In addition to her teaching and mentoring experience, she's shared evidence-based recommendations in international seminars, podcasts, and contributions to websites and magazines such as Precision Nutrition, Shape, Oxygen, Reader’s Digest, and InStyle. In her coaching, she believes in the importance of flexible dietary approaches in addition to regular, enjoyable physical activity and cognitive exercises as part of a sustainable lifestyle free from the chronic dieting mindset.

You can learn more about Gabrielle by visiting her website and following her on Instagram.

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