14: Embrace Debate Round 1 - Mike Samuelson vs Noah Haynes

The Unathletic Podcast

18-02-2021 • 1 hr 40 mins


Greatest Of All Time... LeBron James or Michael Jordan?
4:53 - 20:41

Does Anthony Davis's injury cause problems for LeBron James and the Lakers?
20:41 - 24:12

Which Kevin Durant "Big 3" is better: Warriors or Nets?
24:12 - 27:30

Is it surprising that Kyrie Irving is telling reporters about his private conversations with James Harden about their team roles?
27:30 - 30:42

Is Draymond Green right saying there is a double-standard between players and teams in the NBA?
30:42 - 34:30

Is there similarities between Steph Curry and Patrick Mahomes?
34:30 -  35:57

Is LeBron James the biggest superstar in sports on and off the court right now? Who is the next big superstar in sports?
35:57 - 49:34

Should the Eagles hold out on trade offers till they get multiple picks for Carson Wentz?
49:34 - 54:31

If the Buccaneers resign all their key free agents, does that make Brady and the Bucs the clear favorites to win Super Bowl LVI?
54:31 - 58:29

Would J.J. Watt make the Cleveland Browns Super Bowl contenders?
58:29 - 59:38

Should Panthers go all in trying to get Deshaun Watson?
59:38 - 1:06:59

Quarterback Carousel
1:06:59 - 1:28:58

Noah's "PP" and Buzzer Beaters
1:28:58 - 1:39:15

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