Business Buzz - Wealth Planning during Covid-19

Business Buzz

23-10-2020 • 46 mins

On the latest business news, we talk about financial markets and the upcoming midterm budget speech.
Ken Swettenham, our residential business expert, gives us more insights on the Business Wrap.
The Buffalo Index looks at what your R100 can buy you around the world using different currencies.
The COVID business watch looks into how different industries and sectors have been affected by Covid-19 and this week, Lepulana Shai, the founder of Adorable Creations, shares her journey on starting an e-commerce platform that sells kids clothing and accessories.

On the main topic, we talk about Wealth planning in times of uncertainty. We speak to Gugu Sidaki, the Director and Wealth Planner at Wealth Creed, a wealth management and financial planning practice.