William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Verbal Diorama

10-08-2023 • 48 mins

Two households (Baz Lurhmann & 20th Century Fox), both alike in dignity,

In fair Verona (Australia / Hollywood), where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge (Strictly Ballroom was a huge success) break to new mutiny, (mutiny = partnership)

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. (there was no blood that I'm aware of)

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes (they decided to collaborate, non-fatally)

A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life; (They made Romeo + Juliet, which is a tragedy)

Whose misadventured piteous overthrows (Kidnappings, illness and storms plagued the set)

Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife. (As far as I know, everyone's parents were ok with it)

The fearful passage of their death-mark’d love, (A 72-day shoot culminating in the joint onscreen deaths of both characters)

And the continuance of their parents’ rage, (Would you want to be a Montague or a Capulet?)

Which, but their children’s end, nought could remove, (Parents just don't understand!)

Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage; (And this movie is exactly two hours long)

The which if you with patient ears attend, (48 minutes worth of patient ears, please)

What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend. (This episode was a labour of love, I hope you enjoy it!)

I would love to hear your thoughts on William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (1996) !



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