Nicole Bolton | Managing Mental Health and Elite Performance

The Inside Edge

25-08-2020 • 1 hr 2 mins

"For a number of years, success to me was operating in a really unhealthy manner. I would need to be under significant duress away from the game to then step over that white line and go perform, as it was the only time I would feel like I was in control of my life."

This episode is with Nicole Bolton - Australian opening batter and arguably one of the best Western Australian cricketers of all time. Bolts has a fascinating story, battling inner demons for the majority of her career, yet finding a way to be one of the most consistent performers in the best team in the world.

5:10 - Why she stepped away from the game at 18 after being in the Australian set-up
10:30 - How younger players get derailed and burnout in the current professional environment and the way to change it
13:35 - How she focuses her attention in the middle irrelevant of what is happening off the field
17:45 - The search for perfectionism and how it derailed her mental health to the point where she had to leave the game she loved
18:30 - Having an out of body experience due to being under serious distress leading into a WBBL game
26:05 - Tools Bolts uses to help manage her wellbeing
32:00 - How yoga taught her the basics of performance - simplicity, flow, presence and enjoyment
33:10 - Her batting philosophy and how it is centred on trust, courage and freedom
34:40 - What makes batting coach Noddy so good, and how their definition of success has nothing to do with hitting cricket balls
36:30 - How she uses playing fast bowling to help face her adversities in life
41:15 - The 3 most important cricket shots
43:20 - How returning to club cricket reignited her love of the game
47:30 - Why it is so difficult to just let go and trust yourself
49:20 - How her positive personal narrative leading into the 2019 Ashes ended up being self-destructive
52:10 - Bolts' definition of success
52:60 - Who is Nicole Bolton at her best

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