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03-09-2020 • 1 hr 8 mins

This episode is with Viv Paver - cricketer, coach, and one of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Viv had a lot of promise as a young cricketer, he was captain of the WA U17 team and was also part of an All-Australian Universities Championship. A senior playing career spanning 5 professional seasons in the UK & well over 140 Premier cricket games, he has a staggering high score of 257 and best bowling figures of 5/21. He is now coaching the Subiaco-floreat women in the WACA 1st grade competition and runs his own coaching business called Project Rubicon - where his holistic coaching methods have helped many professional cricketers such as Mitch Marsh and Dom Sibley in the Men's game, and Chloe Piparo and Piepa Cleary in the female game.

Despite being touted as one of the next big things in cricket, Viv failed to crack the professional set up in Australia. This led him down a path exploring psychology & philosophy - both critical in understanding how we can access our inside edge. Working with Viv completely shifted the way I approach the game, bringing a sense of simplicity and freedom that I didn't have access to for many years prior. I hope you enjoy.

4:10 - Experiencing fear as an 8-year-old before struggling with the rollercoaster of emotions despite having a lot of success as a young cricketer
7:50 - How focusing on being recognized and liked as a cricketer ended up ruining his professional career causing a crisis in his mid-20s
10:50 - Why it is so hard to not base your self-worth on looking good to others and how to deal with your ego if it has control over you
14:30 - What does mastery mean and how does it is the most important component of sustained success
22:00 - The effect on your relationships with others and your ability to perform consistently on and off the field
27:30 - Routines put into place that allowed Viv to find freedom and consistently score big hundreds including a high score of 257
31:40 - How to get our of your own way and have your performance match your potential
35:00 - Growth, Connection & Service: the keys to long term success
43:00 - Managing your mind if you have a lot going on away from the game
49:10 - Optimise your game by focusing on what is relevant and what is not
55:00 - Workshops Viv is running with male and female teams to help with the mental and emotional side of the game
59:50 - The difference in the mistakes made in the male and female game
1:02:30 - Recommended resources to continue development
1:05:20 - The transformation of Viv's definition of success
1:06:30 - Who is Viv Paver at his best

References in the podcast:

  • Coach Paver Instagram Twitter Website
  • Books mentioned: The Courage To Be Disliked, The Go-Giver, The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success
  • Ikigai

The Inside Edge:

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