Exit Kings - Everyday Entrepreneurs Building to Exit

Micah Brandenburg

Welcome to Exit Kings. I’m a business coach working with Tech Entrepreneurs who’ve experienced success in their business only to have those wins strip away the one thing they really want in their life: Freedom. My passion in life is creating clarity that enables action and I do it by asking great questions and uncovering the powerful details that often get overlooked. The reason I’m starting this podcast is to help bring you clarity on how to build a business to exit. If you want to fix your unresolved problems in business, consider exiting as you build, and get back to the life of freedom that made you become an Entrepreneur in the first place you’ve come to the right place. During each episode, I’ll interview Tech Entrepreneurs, Exit Kings, who have successfully scaled and exited their companies. Together we’ll pull back the curtain on strategies and specific tactics that everyday entrepreneurs can use to effectively grow a business. read less