The Korey Position

Reality TV Warriors

11-09-2017 • 1 hr 5 mins

Logan & Michael are back for their 150th podcast together, and to recap Amazing Race Canada 5’s penultimate leg and visit to Sault-Ste-Marie, Ontario. In this episode:

  • Did the press pictures actually spoil anything?
  • Logan barks.
  • We learn of someone with a very intriguing nickname.
  • Race Play is still hilariously bad.
  • Who gets first billing?
  • Have we actually heard of the Group of Seven?
  • We find a Canadian location we’d actually like them to go to.
  • It all goes a little bit Egyptian.
  • We find a new job for an Amazing Race Canada alumnus.
  • There’s the obligatory update on Give’rs.
  • One team breaks a classic Amazing Race rule.
  • How do they decide whose wishes air each week?
  • When have we mentioned S Club before?
  • We celebrate like Canada.
  • There’s a disastrous R Kelly remix.
  • Who is Michael’s most famous Twitter follower?
  • What does it cost to sponsor a curling rink?
  • One part of the episode borders on child abuse.
  • How did we end up with children chanting Give’r?
  • Have Sam & Paul played shuffleboard before?
  • Why was the Roadblock so bad for Bert?
  • What is “the Korey position”?
  • We critique next week’s tasks.
  • Just how lazy have Production become?
  • Who do we want to win?
  • And we’re already looking for questions for next week!