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Do you want to hear the latest news about guitars, from a couple of pros?

ELECTRIKJAM is all about guitars – with an emphasis on Rock & Metal, including all its wonderful sub-genres. Whether you’re looking for information on pedals, the latest amplifiers, or want to know what the best guitar for your budget is, our duo of veteran guitar players has got your back.

While our website is full of in-depth articles, our guitar podcast is all live, no holds barred opinions!

With a combined 40+ years experience, we have been on the front lines, playing in bands and recording artists in studios all around the world, since the 1990s. We know guitar gear. We know how to dial in your set up. And we know plenty about recording – ideal if you’re a total beginner.

Need advice on certain guitar styles? Want to know what the best picks are for certain styles of guitar playing? Give us a listen to hear our highly critical opinion!

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What is The Future of Import Guitars?
What is The Future of Import Guitars?
This week we discuss:Christopher has authored a course on mastering for beginners, which you can find on Electrikjam.com. Learn how to master songs with free plugins!Electrikjam was always supposed to be about guitar education, not entertainment, and we are finally getting there!Guitar Max Carlisle (Glenn Danzig's Brother) sent us into a frenzy to test our guitars for LEAD! That's right, some of those cheaper guitars have lead in the frets, paint, and even plastics! You need to check your guitars if they are a lesser-known brand.Proposition 65: This is about poisoning and you probably have seen it on your guitars, but that refers to sanding metals and inhaling it, or Nitro lacquer...not actual LEAD poisoning.Ola Englund & Solar Guitars Release a New Finish: Solar Guitars have a new real "Metal" finish, where the metal oxidizes over time! How cool!John Cusack looks just like Bruce Springsteen. The Boss is getting a great Biopic soon.Local manufacturing of guitars, and literally everything matters.Main Topic: Import Guitars in The USA and PatriotismImport guitars have never been more popular, but they often came with a stigma of not being from "Merica!". Is that stigma finally starting to dissipate with the new generations? Is "Made in The USA" and old concept that no longer matters?Import guitars are becoming better, but there is still a stigma about it.#guitars #guitarplayers #guitarnews #guitarsolo #guitarnerds #rockmusicSupport the showJoin our Email Club HERE. No Spam, No Advertising. Just weekly guitar videos!
Will You Ever Find The PERFECT Guitar?
Will You Ever Find The PERFECT Guitar?
Join our EMAIL LIST! It is free, and the community is growing. No spam, just guitar stuff! Stay in the loop, as we have big plans to announce soon!This week, the Electrikjam.com staff talks about...Sleep Token: The newest masked metal band! Do we like them, or do we think they are possible industry plants, milking the metal scene?The Katana GO: After the review, it was very hard for Christopher to give this device back. What a great guitar accessory! Check out our review HERE. This is a practice tool for every guitarist.Where did our theme song come from?BOSS does not advertise their guitar products much, do they?Richard continues to have a hazy memory, unfortunately.The internet follows your every move, and maybe you should take that into account. Constant advertising is a REAL problem.  This leads us to our main topic...*Will You Ever Find The Perfect Guitar?*We have all been there before...haven't we? You have looked at every guitar on a website or Reverb. You are taking in all the specs, and all of the features of every guitar. But is it just GAS, like we discussed last week?There is no perfect guitar that will change your playing or your style. A nice guitar may make you want to practice more, but will it change your guitar style? Tools do not make you a better artist.But if gear doesn't give you "tone" or style, what counts out at the end of the day? How many guitars do you need to run a studio? What do you actually need? At what point are you no longer a guitarist, but an investor? A consumer?This wraps up our last few episodes about marketing, and how it has affected the guitar community during the internet age. We address the culture of "showing off" and why you should probably worry more about practicing guitar.Most famous artists that you look up to, do not worry about chasing the perfect guitar. They find what works, and make music! The guitar that you need might be sitting right next to you. If the guitar stays in tune and makes sound, you have everything you need to make your art. Next week will be a SPECIAL episode, with only one topic.Support the showJoin our Email Club HERE. No Spam, No Advertising. Just weekly guitar videos!
GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome & How Guitarists Can Fight It
GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome & How Guitarists Can Fight It
Visit Electrikjam.com for the FREE Guitar Modes Course, which we mention at the end. Just sign up, and you get free mode diagrams for tablets, phones, or desktops!Today we talk about:The Dave Grohl Epiphone Problem: Shipping issues, broken headstocks, and cracked finishes galore! What has happened with these guitars? Epiphone has NO response.Sweet Water and Glamour Shot Guitar Photos?Cell Phone Issues: We are highly unprofessional...well, Richard is.Shipping Guitars is Difficult.The Line 6 POD Express: This is an awesome piece of gear, and we recently reviewed it. If you want to read our review, Click HERE. This podcast was the week before the review.The Problem With Guitar Plugins: Spoiler: It is the latency. This is a big issue, and the professionals are starting to notice.Tidal Should Sponsor Us: Christopher has been buying CDs again, since streaming sucks. Tidal is better quality, and works with young bands.Richard Only Had 3 CDs In His Car A Decade Ago: What were they?Older Guitar Amp Sims Were BAD.The "Perpetually Online Guitar Player"...when are you actually playing?The Future is A Dystopia...maybe.Baritone Guitars?DUNE was a cool movie, and that brings us to....Main Topic:"Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S), also known as Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, is a chronic condition that affects many guitarists who play for long enough. It's the urge to buy and own instruments and equipment, even when the latest gadgets are just a click away. Musicians may believe that this will lead to creative energy and happiness, but GAS can also lead to spending money on gear that is not needed."Our opinion?  If you spend more time playing your guitar than worrying about your gear then you will be: A lot happierA lot richer $$$A much better guitar playerBut being content does not sell guitars. Consumerism at its finest, right? Learn to love your gear!#guitar #guitarist #beginnerguitarist #consumerism #philosophy #guitarsolo #guitarplayer #Gibsonguitars #Fender #Strandberg Support the showJoin our Email Club HERE. No Spam, No Advertising. Just weekly guitar videos!