Kanan Parmar's "10,000 Ways of Hyena's Greed"

A Poet's Work

29-08-2021 • 0 seconds

In this episode, the guest of the show is Kanan Parmar, reading her poems "10,000 Ways of Hyena's Greed", "Treason of Dreamland" and “While Living the Life”. The episode showcases the conversation of Kanan with A Poet’s Work host Ashwamegh about how she uses the power of poetry.

Kanan is a young poet based out of Kadi, Gujarat. She has co-authored two books - "World of Women" and "The Act of Perseverance" which includes her selected poetries. She is also working as a co-compiler of an upcoming book. You'll find the link to the books below. She lives with a dream of opening an art gallery to help emerging artists to showcase their Crafts & Creations. Her poems convey the message "Love yourself, Love everything you have been given"

Link to the books:

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