Aashika Suresh's "In the City of Storytellers"

A Poet's Work

08-08-2021 • 0 seconds

In episode #4, we have poet Aashika Suresh with us on our podcast, reading her poems "In the city of storytellers", "Day 153", and "Lessons from the future". In between the poems, host Ashwamegh chats with Aashika about her writing journey and how she uses the power of poetry in her life.

Aashika Suresh was born in Chennai, India and now She lives with her mum, and indie pup, Ingee. She is a writer, a dreamer and a sunlight seeker. Her selected poems have appeared in numerous online journals and anthologies. Her work was shortlisted for the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize in the year 2019. She writes about all the things that move her, both literally and figuratively.

I have exciting news for our listeners and lovers of poetry. I will be taking requests for Poem readings. Every alternate Sundays, you'll have me reading your requested poems.

You can send the requests, using this link: https://form.typeform.com/to/jH3StN5b or you can directly go to https://apoetswork.com/ to request for the poem.

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