SHINE with Kendéll Lenice

Kendéll Lenice

Welcome to Season 11!!!
Host: Kendell Lenice (The Remix Coach) Transformational Expert/Certified Life Coach/Author/Podcaster/Healing & Aging Coach
“It’s Never Too Late To Remix Your Life!”
Welcome to SHINE where I turn my spotlight on honest topics for growth, betterment, healing and renewal! We do the mind work and the reality work over here!

Tune in and get free life coaching and life hacks. You are layered and so is this show/podcast. Life Coaching & Life Tools to Be A Better You!!

Be ready to be educated, elevated & entertained!

This is a show where you are welcomed and invited through our experiences that have made us better.

SHINE w/ Kendell Lenice LIVE every week!
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Real Talk For Real People
“Let’s SHINE together!”

A Life Podcast!
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