Rude Business


A podcast dedicated to sharing the brutal truths of life in business. We live in a world of dystopian advertising, guilt, social stress, anxiety, self-imposed mental illness and impulse buying that is leaving the majority of people crippled and unfulfilled. I believe in large part we are this way because we spend so much time chasing the greater deeper meanings, and we have forgotten the simple, time tested truths. Keep it simple stupid. We've all heard it but who has taken it to heart? My guess is only a few people. We’ve become lazy. It’s so much easier to let big daddy government and his cohort of tech monopolies to do it for us. It doesn’t matter what “IT” is. Have you noticed that there are more people unhappily working jobs with some illusion of security than ever before? Have you noticed the amount of incredibly successful people that just spring up out of nowhere calling themselves influencers, coaches, consultants or content creators? Where are the trades people, the skilled workers and artisans that built our modern world? What skills do you have, do you realize how easy it is to start a business, why don’t you have a business? The internet has done wonderful things. Unfortunately, we are lazy and need a good swift kick in the ass on the generational level. I don’t know how to beat motivation into one person forget the millions it would take to change the world. There are people out there talking the talk and walking the walk. I’m going to find them, interview them and share their stories with whoever will listen. Maybe that will be enough to inspire people to follow along and make the leap themselves. So, I say “Welcome to the Movement, Makers. What makes you fascinating and what would you like to share?” This Is Rude Business. read less