"Adaptability"- Hearing Loss & Transforming Pain into Purpose

The Adversity Psychologist

12-07-2023 • 49 mins

Podcast Show Notes

Series 5 Episode 8

Guest: Tiffany Storrs

In this episode I talk to Actress and Author Tiffany Storrs. Tiffany is a tri-lingual actress and award-winning hearing health advocate. Tiffany's best-selling memoir, Adaptability, is a true story about how she overcame unthinkable odds stacked against her and transformed her pain into purpose. Tiffany suddenly lost her hearing after the birth of her first child, and it was just the beginning of a series of unexpected trials that shook her to the core and completely transformed her outlook on life and her purpose in this world.

We cover:

-Tiffany’s personal journey with hidden disability

-Navigating society and expectations.

-Auditory fatigue and looking after yourself.

-Health advocacy and helping others “Fire in my soul” and making change happen.

-Tiffany’s book ‘Adaptability’ – Challenging the societal mindset surrounding human inclusivity

Find Tiffany:

Website: www.tiffanystorrs.com

Instagram: tiffanystasnystorrs


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