"Uneducated" - Stigma & Social Anxiety at Work

The Adversity Psychologist

09-08-2023 • 53 mins

Series 6 Episode 4

In this episode I talk to Christopher Zara, Senior Journalist and editor at Fast Company, New York about Social Anxiety in the workplace and how society views formal and higher education. He is the Author of “Uneducated” a memoir about navigating the professional white-collar world without a college degree.

We cover:

-      Christopher's story of adversity and the schooling system in the USA.

-      The impact of leaving High School before completing his exams.

-      The stigma of not having a formal education or college degree in a white-collar world

-      Christopher's experience of social anxiety and imposter syndrome in the workplace

-      Christopher's journey working in the media world.

-      Christopher's part in tackling stigma and creating change in respect to inclusivity.

-      Large companies relaxing their degree requirements in the USA.

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