Living Life to Your Full Potential - Tim Gaynor

The Mister Productivity Podcast

19-08-2020 • 34 mins

Tim is a certified coach, trainer, and speaker whose passion is to partner with individuals and businesses that are looking to invest and find traction in their personal and professional lives. Tim has spent over 25 years leading, coaching, developing, and helping individuals identify and remove the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding them back from living the life they have dreamt of and were made to live. Tim started his business, Coach. Develop. Inspire., in 2016. He lives in Colorado and loves to hike and camp with his wife, kids, and two grand dogs.

Mark and Tim discuss settling, visualizing your life, identifying what's stopping you, BHAGs, goal setting, how the world might look if you'd never been born, and whether you could have done more.

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