28. Hot take: we got part time jobs alongside business. Beth Jenkins and I answer all your questions.

The Prep Talk with Jess Reading

16-03-2023 • 36 mins

We both started our businesses with the dream of freedom - but ended up feeling the opposite.

Glued to our laptops, working 24/7 through the pressure of needing a next client and losing our love for the work as a result. This isn't what we started our businesses to help women to do.

Not only that, but in this industry where the narrative is 'you have to be all in', deciding to get a job outside of the business and talking about actually wanting stability isn't a popular statement to make. But when I saw Beth talking about her news of starting a new part time role alongside her business after over 2 years of being full time, I jumped straight into her DMs to invite her on the podcast.

The truth was I had already started my own journey to finding my own part time role, but no one else really knew about it.

Beth's IG Live didn't just highlight how important this topic was to me, but also gave me the validation I didn't realise I needed. My hope is that this podcast does the same for you and gives you the permission you're looking for to do what you actually want to do.

Take a deep breath and hit play.

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