07: Understanding Ideas, Arrangements & Effects, with Kenneth Bailey

Design For The People

29-01-2021 • 32 mins

Kenneth Bailey is the Sector Organizing and Strategy Lead, and co-founder of the Boston-based, Design Studio for Social Intervention. Also known as DS4SI. His work is focused on the research and development of design tools, for marginalized communities to address complex social issues.

In 2020, Kenneth alongside Lori Lobenstine, and Ayako Maruyama published a book called Ideas Arrangements Effects. The simple premise being Ideas are embedded in social arrangements, which in turn produce effects.

In this episode of Design For The People, Kenneth shares his journey from non-profit management consulting, to strategic social justice, the thinking and techniques behind Ideas Arrangements Effects, and how creatives can bring more holistic design sensibilities into their practise.

To learn more about DS4SI and to download the book, visit www.ds4si.org, and follow Kenneth at @ds4si.

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