3 Powerful Transitions that Challenge Working Couples with Jennifer Petriglieri

Smart Money Mamas Show

07-05-2020 • 49 mins

#030: In today’s episode, Chelsea is talking with Jennifer Petriglieri, an Associate Professor of organisational behaviour at INSEAD business school and the author of Couples That Work, a book about how working couples can thrive in their careers and relationships. Creating healthy, lasting relationships while allowing your career to thrive is possible. And it’s Jennifer’s specialty.

Jennifer will take us through the 3 major transitions that dual career couples face throughout the course of their relationship—from how to have those first conversations and the concept of “couple contracting” to making a habit of treating your partner with kindness and how to handle logistics once the foundation for your long-term goals has been set.

(07:24) How to navigate potential issues that may come up during the first transition with both parents working

(11:37)  How to facilitate a conversation with your family to let them know you want to keep working, even if you only make enough to cover child care

(15:24) Jennifer explains the concept of “couple contracting” and the 3 main elements that the contract must cover

(33:35) How to have conversations with your kids to make sure that the family dynamic remains stable when making decisions

(38:51) Jennifer shares her advice on how to split household duties once you have a foundation of what you want your career priorities to look like

(46:00) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways

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