Bruce Campbell – 1996 – The Year of Escape from L.A.

A Year In The Career

11-01-2021 • 1 hr 4 mins

The Podcast that looks at the career of Bruce Campbell one year at a time.

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Last Time on A Year In The Career

The Quick and the Dead

The Demolitionist

Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman


Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV Series)

American Gothic (TV Series)

What we are looking at this week

Homicide: Life on the Street

- Justice: Part 1 (1996)

- Justice: Part 2 (1996)

Xena: Warrior Princess

- The Royal Couple of Thieves (1996)


Tornado! (1996)

Escape from L.A.

Assault on Dome 4


- A Deer Head for Joe (1996) ... Ed Billik

- Splitsville, Man (1996)

- The Bubble Gum Incident (1996)

- Kiss My Bum (1996)

- Bowl, Baby, Bowl (1996)

Broken Helix

Next Episode

1997 - Bruce gets even busier talking to cars, robbing banks, hitting the PlayStation, robbing more banks and much much more. BIG way!

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