111 - Satanism and the God debate ft. Stephen Long from Sacred Tension!

Church & Other Drugs

13-02-2019 • 59 mins

Greetings Congregation! Sorry for the late arrival..but I had to wait for this weeks guest-- Stephen Long! Stephen joins Jed for a riveting Today I Learned about exploding Hippos, they discuss some recent justice and more. Then, Jed and Stephen do a deep dive into Satanism and the most human debate of all time...Does God exist, or is there nothing? Jed and Stephen go toe to toe..mono e mono...person to dude...superman to shazam. Only one Deity is left standing. Well, not really but it was a VERY fun conversation. sacredtension.podbean.com churchandotherdrugs@gmail.com patreon.com/churchandotherdrugs