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Join my co-host Reece and I every other Tuesday; I am a Mom, a real estate agent, an entrepreneur, and a student. Reece is a mom and an entrepreneur as well, but she's also an esthetician and a makeup artist. We look forward to sharing ALL the tea with you. From trending topics, to all things real estate, good skin, mindset training, business, self love and creating your own lane. Sit with me, let's have some tea!
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Part II... Narcissistic Love - Understanding & Healing
Part II... Narcissistic Love - Understanding & Healing
This is Part II, if you haven't watched Part I yet, go check that one out here first. 👇🏼                                                         https://youtu.be/TFicMsWqCMo?si=gvrSTlDMKOt_Ud24In this emotional episode we talk about the complex dynamics & characteristics of narcissistic love. Through our personal stories we share the profound impact of this type of relationship & self discovery. We share stories of pain, resilience and ultimately a path to our own healing, There are layers of manipulation, and toxicity that characterize these relationships, we shed some light on the underlying psychological mind at play.Just remember, there is always hope. Through introspection, therapy, and support from loved ones, there is power.This is the first half of the episode... stay tuned for Part Il.Contact info:EMAIL: Vanessa@Tuesdayteawithvee.comhttps://tuesdayteawithvee.buzzsprout.comTuesday Tea with Vee podcast is available on all podcast platformsFollow us on social media: IG- https://www.instagram.com/tuesdayteawithveehttps://www.instagram.com/tuesdayteawithceeFB- Tuesday Tea with VeeYouTube- Tuesday Tea with VeePatreonhttps://patreon.com/TuesdayTeawithVee/tuesdayteawithvee#cohost #TuesdayTeawithVee #TuesdayTea #TuesdayTeawithCee #breakthestigma #Inspiration #balance #NarcissisticLove #Narcissists #BreakFree #PatholigicalLiars #WhoTheFDidIMarry #SelfLove#SelfDiscovery #Therapy #host
Would You Rather?
Would You Rather?
Join us for an episode of Would You Rather as we explore a world of choices meant to spark conversation & test your sense of humor and ability to think on your feet. It's time to set aside serious decision-making and dive into a realm of playful and entertaining options.Each round will present you with two sidesplitting scenarios. Prepare for unexpected twists, offbeat possibilities, and side-splitting hypothetical situations that will keep you entertained throughout the video.Whether you find yourself pondering over silly dilemmas or laughing uncontrollably at the ridiculousness of the choices, this Would You Rather challenge promises to be a riotous and light-hearted experience.Share your chosen answers in the comments section and join the conversation with other viewers. This challenge is all about embracing the joy of laughter and celebrating the absurdity of imagination.So, gather your friends, get your funny bones ready, and let's dive into this hilarious Would You Rather Challenge together. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to join us for a laughter-packed experience you won't want to miss!Disclaimer: The scenarios presented in this video are purely fictional and intended for entertainment purposes only. Remember, laughter is the best medicine!EMAIL: Vanessa@Tuesdayteawithvee.comTuesday Tea with Vee podcast is available on all podcast platformshttps://tuesdayteawithvee.buzzsprout.comFollow us on social media: IG-https://instagram.com/ tuesdayteawithveehttps://instagram.com/tuesdayteawithCeeFB- Tuesday Tea with VeeYouTube- Tuesday Tea with VeePatreonhttps://patreon.com/TuesdayTeawithVee...https://amzn.to/3H7CoF4 #tuesdayteawithvee #tuesdayteawithcee #tuesdaytea #Wouldyourather #thisorthat #choices " rel="nofollow">