21. News, Fashion/Shopping, Entertainment & Hot Topics with JoAnn Smith, Founder of In Less Than 30

JoyTutor Podcast

08-07-2023 • 41 mins

Host of the JoyTutor Podcast, JoAnna Williams, met with JoAnn Smith, founder of, In Less Than 30. JoAnn has a successful YouTube Channel called "In Less Than 30" with JoAnn Smith, where she reports Breaking News, Hot Topics, Politics, and Entertainment. Deciding to go for it, Smith went to her first audition for a new game show on Fox News Television called Person, Place, or Thing in the summer of 2022 and landed a spot as a contestant on their 20th episode. This really helped to spark her interest in pursuing commercial and voiceover work, and is looking forward to booking her first project. JoAnn was just accepted into the Influencer Program with Amazon, a commission-based earnings program to recommend her top picks in her Amazon storefront online..Contact Info:

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