25. Fulfilling Dreams and Empowering Others with Doyin (Dee) with Hoshistech Training Institute

JoyTutor Podcast

01-08-2023 • 42 mins

Host of the JoyTutor Podcast, JoAnna Williams, met with Doyin (Dee). In this episode, the hosts discuss the importance of encouraging others and helping them fulfill their dreams and destinies. They emphasize that each person has something unique inside them that should be shared and allowed to grow.Dee shares her journey as a Nigerian immigrant in the United States. She talks about her first job as a QA engineer at Everyday Health Company and how she met the host of the JoyTutor podcast, Jo. Dee opens up about the struggles she faced at work and how Jo became her support system, defending her and providing joy in the workplace. She also shares how Jo's dreams and goals inspired and motivated her to pursue her dreams.After overcoming the challenges she faced, Dee is now a successful product manager, and she expresses her gratitude for her friendship with Joanna and how they have both grown. They discuss the importance of healing and letting go of anger and negative situations in order to find peace and happiness. The conversation takes a turn as Deef recounts a recent encounter with someone from their past. Dee explains how being in a space of healing and self-acceptance allowed them to let go of anger and negative experiences. This episode highlights the importance of finding peace within oneself and not allowing others to bring you down.Jo then introduces her new project, the JoyTutor Entrepreneur planner. She explains how she took her project management skills and applied them to entrepreneurship, creating a systematic approach for entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Jo shares her experience of creating the planner, including the research and steps involved in self-publishing. She also discusses her monthly entrepreneur networking sessions and celebrations of courage events, where accountability and support are emphasized.In closing, listeners are encouraged to keep pursuing their dreams and not give up, emphasizing the impact they can have on others. Listeners are reminded that their dreams are valid and encourage them to push through challenges. Contact Info:

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