19. How To Resolve Discipline Issues In The Classroom with Lakisha Carter, Founder of Take 5 Learning Management

JoyTutor Podcast

22-06-2023 • 36 mins

JoAnna Williams, the host of the JoyTutor Podcast, recently spoke with Lakisha Carter, the founder of Take 5 Management. During the conversation, Ms. Carter shared her mission to help keep children in the classroom while using constructive disciplinary methods to address behavior issues. With over 20 years of experience as a middle school teacher, Ms. Carter developed a passion for classroom management early on in her career. She recognized that effective management systems were essential for learning to take place. After trying various approaches without success, Ms. Carter returned to school to earn two Master's degrees - one in General Administration and another in Curriculum & Instruction. With her newfound knowledge, she created her own approach to classroom management. Research-based classroom management system. After a few years of collecting data and tweaking, she finally had it. The Take 5 Learning Management system was born!..Like this show? Tag or follow us on social media so we can thank you personally! Or please leave us a review here..Contact Info:

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