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COVID-19 Weekly Update 16
COVID-19 Weekly Update 16
Week 16 of the COVID-19 series features my friends Brynn Byrne and Aaron Yeger, co-hosts of the new podcast "That Was a Show?". We talk about Brynn and Aaron's COVID-19 experience and how the pandemic has affected their personal finances, but mostly I wanted them on to talk about their awesome new podcast.  I can't explain it better than them so here's the summary direct from their podcast page: The podcast about failed or forgotten sitcoms from the 80s and 90s. Many sitcoms have stood the test of time and have millions of adoring fans—but those shows were diamonds in the rough. This podcast is not about those diamonds, it's about the rough. Some sitcoms were briefly popular in their time, some were cancelled almost immediately. You probably won't recognize most of these, and you'll say 'that was a show?' As I said in the episode, it's important that podcasts promote other podcast, especially those of a different genre.  I listen to a lot of personal finance shows but I also listen to shows like This American Life, Invisibilia, "How Did That Get Made?", and other non-financial podcasts.  These podcasts are doing fine on their own but there are some podcasts that are excellent but people just don't know about them yet.  If you are a child of the 80s and 90s and enjoy talking about television, you will love this show like I do.   PODCAST Click below to listen to the first 4 episodes and subscribe today so you get the new episodes that are planned to drop every 2 weeks:  Anchor: Spotify:   CONTEST Until July 31st, you could win a "That Was a Show?" t-shirt, featuring the amazing show cover art by Brian Walker.  Head to Instagram to find the details on how to enter:   MERCHANDISE: