The JMKast Episode 22: Hispanic Heritage Month Special with Patsy Torres & JMK’s Chris Palmer


11-10-2022 • 33 mins

In a special episode of The JMKast, we bring an important interview talking about the hispanic culture experience celebrating JMK’s very own South Texas Production Manager Christopher Palmer talking with the motivational speaker and tejano music legendary entertainer Patsy Torres. She tells Chris how proud she is to write her own tejano music where she is currently working on her 19th album.  She talks about growing up in San Antonio and beginning her music career she never thought would happen and who were some of her influences. She found out early on that she could reach people by speaking to kids because of her music. Her music took her around the world and even provided the opportunity for her to get an education and become a doctorate which she thinks is her greatest accomplishment. Enjoy this special interview with one of Texas’s most accomplished professional musicians who was the first tejano singer to play tejano music on a nationally televised broadcast.