JMKast 2023: Episode 7 Workspace Studios 4


23-02-2023 • 36 mins


Ric Mulligan and Greg T. Johnson begin a new 2023 season of JMKast episodes starting with visiting Workspace Studios space in Garland, Texas where we learn all about the studio space and talk video production with Todd Stewart and Edd Solis from Workspace Studios.

In this episode Edd Solis and Todd Stewart rejoin us with Richard Marshall to talk about how the studios came together and the early years of the spaces as the studios were built. Edgar talks about some cool car and truck chases when covering news because of the some of the early year stories. Richard shares a story about getting a lot of his musical equipment stolen and recommends to write down all your serial numbers in case that ever happens. We also find out from Richard about tall guy etiquette when around other tall guys, he’s 6’10” and it’s hilarious information.  He also shares about dressing up as Big Tex when he goes to the State Fair of Texas each year nd Edgar wants to be his corny dog agent for Fletcher’s. And as always, we bring you the Word of the Day. So settle in and enjoy another JMKast from Workspace Studios in Garland, TX.