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Interview With: Enough-Girl get up!. LaTissha Graves Nash Joins Me
Interview With: Enough-Girl get up!. LaTissha Graves Nash Joins Me
Dr. LaTissha Graves Nash is an author of Enough, the Psalm of Love, pain and restoration. She is the cofounder of MAD2 (Moms and Daughters Marching against Depression) and last the cofounder of Enough-Girl get up.com. LaTissha is the Warrior wife and mother of three amazing children. She advanced to teaching Accelerated courses in High school and coaching Tennis, winning 2 championship tournaments and 1 runner up. She went on to become the Teacher of the year and the Parent of the year in 2023. Latissha is a philanthropist who has gone through the wilderness of life from marriage to situational depression and now travels the world with her book and poetry empowering women and children to levels of peace, prosperity and business with the word of God. She's avenued through ministry work and serving her way through life adversity through a ministry call Enough, Girl Get up both in-house at Word of Life Church and through her own website www.enough-girlgetup.com. Her breakthrough topic(s) range from marriage, grief, business, faith, relationships, childhood, identity, fitness, mindset, etc.). She has helped others break through topics through marriage, trusting God, relationships, surviving domestic violence (anxiety-depression), deformation of character and surviving the attacks of Jezebel spirits through prayer and the word of God. Acknowledging that you can get through will always get you to your Breakthrough. Girl, Get UP!