Adventures in Sustainable Living

Patrick Keith

There is one thing you will hear me say again and again. As long as someone else is in control of your resources, they are in fact in control of your life. Consequently, my solution to that problem was to develop a sustainable, self reliant lifestyle. Not only that, but I’ve lived off the grid for more than 20 years. This podcast is not only about sustainable living it is also about teaching you to take more control over your life by being in control of many of your resources. It is possible to live a life without debt, produce much of your own food, have much more personal freedom, as well as increased personal security and peace of mind. So join me as I discuss diverse topics associated with sustainable living, off grid living, and share some of my hilarious and sometimes incredible adventures. My goal is to make you realize that you can also have a wonderful sustainable life that is adventurous, enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding. I will also make you question why you live the way you do now. Besides this podcast, I have a companion blog at Enjoy!!! read less