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This is End Agoraphobia: The Podcast, where we share with you the tips, tricks, and strategies to wipe out agoraphobia once and for all - without stress, panic, Exposure Therapy, and more. Even better, we're doing all of this with the minimum lost time or wasted effort. My name is Doug Sands, and I'm your Agoraphobia hypnotist. It's my job to help people all over the world overcome Agoraphobia quickly and painlessly. On this podcast, you're getting in-depth interviews on agoraphobia, hypnotherapy, talk therapy, exposure therapy, and so many other tools that make life easier with agoraphobia. You're also getting one-on-one episodes where we deep-dive into what causes Agoraphobia, why you may have it in your life, and how you can get it out of your life once and for all.Get ready, my friend, because this show may change your life for good. Let's get started. read less
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EP. 8 - Therapy for Agoraphobia? Why it's often less effective...
EP. 8 - Therapy for Agoraphobia? Why it's often less effective...
Is therapy really the best solution for Agoraphobia? How many weeks, months, and even years have you personally been in therapy, trying to get rid of the problem? And if therapy's not the most effective for Agoraphobia, why do we keep turning to it?In this episode of End Agoraphobia: the Podcast, we're detailing why therapy may not be the most effective means to overcome Agoraphobia - as well as why that actually is.Like what you heard in this episode? Remember to Subscribe! Click the + button wherever you’re listening, because there are plenty of resources here to help you overcome Agoraphobia once and for all..Want to watch the interviews happen? Check out End Agoraphobia: The Podcast on YouTube! Whether on a solo show or a guest interview, you can view everything that’s happening behind the scenes.And if you’re finally ready to end Agoraphobia once and for all: It’s time to book your strategy call. It’s the first step on YOUR journey to overcoming Agoraphobia, once and for all. If you haven’t already, join us in the Facebook Community. It’s where people ask their Agoraphobia questions - many of which get answered right here on the podcast. It’s also where listeners from all over the world support each other through all the ups and downs of life with Agoraphobia. Click here to join.Finally, if you’d like to get real-time answers to your questions about Agoraphobia, join us on our next Tiktok Live! This is where the community interacts directly, and can have their questions answered in moments. Check it out and follow today, because this community’s growing rapidly, and you won’t want to miss out!To your journey towards freedom,DougLinks:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgp0ylxhJsL2QXsU8IdmQVQhttps://EndAgoraphobia.com/https://anywherehypnosis.com/https://www.tiktok.com/@endagoraphobiahttps://www.facebook.com/groups/486514586696498?sorting_setting=RECENT_ACTIVITY