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Recording in progress... We will have a few different shows on this podcast: * short interviews with language learners like yourself, * tidbits and eurekas about different languages, * how to improve your foreign language fluency with Fluentel Sponsored by Fluentel: the easiest way to find a language partner. read less
👋 Welcome to Foreigner and Friends™
👋 Welcome to Foreigner and Friends™
Seriously, another language learning podcast? Hear me out. I know you can listen to studio-quality stories from Duolingo, get classroom-level instruction from Language Transfer, and listen to fully-immersive conversations from podcasts like Easy Spanish. However, on this podcast, Foreigner and Friends, we'll have 3 types of episodes that you can't really get anywhere else: The first will be interviews with all sorts of people in the language-learning space. From newbies who have no idea what they're getting themselves into, to polyglots who can count their languages spoken on both hands. We'll also be speaking with teachers, entrepreneurs, app developers, and other podcast hosts... just to name a few. The second type of episode will be short little nuggets of language-learning wisdom. Something you can listen to in less than 5 minutes to help you reason about the constructs and make it sticky. Finally, I'll be sharing my personal journey with you as I continue to improve and expand the language partner phone service I invented called Fluentel. It's not an app; it's just a phone number you call and we connect you with a native speaker of your target language so you can practice speaking. So that brings you to me, your host, Aaron Kelton. I'm a software developer and entrepreneur, I'm learning Spanish and Italian, and I like to create stuff to help people. Oh, the name, Foreigner and Friends. What's that all about? Think about it this way: Every single one of us is a Foreigner somewhere. And if we were dropped in a *foreign* country where we had to learn a *foreign* language, we would want the local people to befriend us; not treat us with suspicion, or worse. The hope of this show is to enhance foreign language fluency so that we can better understand each other and treat each other with more kindness. If you end up listening to and liking this show, be a Friend and leave us a review. It will help other people discover the show so they too can benefit from it. Thank you, and enjoy the show. --- Send in a voice message: