Summer Replay Series: How To Do Conflict Well with Jane Gunn

You Are Not A Frog

03-08-2021 • 40 mins

Over the summer we’ve curated a series of past You Are Not A Frog episodes to help you reflect, take stock, and help you get some headspace as you prepare for what’s bound to be a busy and challenging Autumn.

These episodes are some of my personal favorites and I’m so pleased to be able to share them again.

This week….how to do conflict well, with Jane Gunn. This episode really changed the way I think about disagreement and interpersonal conflict. We’re all capable of having difficult conversations with patients and clients so why do we find it so hard to do it with each other?

In this episode, Jane offers some fantastically helpful insights into conflict and offers some top tips about how to start to have these conversations - and stop conflict escalating into a nightmare situation.

Listen to this episode here if you know that there are some issues that you have been sweeping under the carpet that you know you really need to address…

Grab a cuppa, get the deckchair out, relax and enjoy!

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