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09-09-2023 β€’ 5 mins

Our next speaker announcement takes us to Las Vegas! Meet livestream video expert, Gillian Whitney, who is joining us to speak onstage in Birmingham at UpLift Live.


So, that's why I'm excited about live video, plus live video, you get two bangs for your buck in that you make your live video, and then you repurpose it as recorded video.

Welcome back to the UpLift Live podcast. This is John Espirian from the Mission Control team for UpLift Live, which is the UK's first LinkedIn-focused conference for LinkedIn specialists, power users and enthusiasts.

OK, we have another international speaker, and this time we're heading to Las Vegas to speak with livestream video expert, Gillian Whitney.

Let's hop aboard and get to the interview with Gillian!

OK, Gillian Whitney, welcome to the UpLift Live podcast, and you are going to be one of our speakers in Birmingham next year.

Gillian, tell us, what do you know about LinkedIn? Ah, LinkedIn is just like my home.

I love LinkedIn.

I'm one of those people that came over from Facebook.

And when I saw LinkedIn, I never went back.

I just am so enthusiastic about everything LinkedIn, for growing your business professionally and privately as well, because you just get to know so many great people, but I'm all in on LinkedIn.

I love it.


And you are my go-to video person and specifically, live video which you've relatively recently pivoted into as your main niche now.

So, you're going to be coming all the way over from Las Vegas in the USA to talk to us about live video on LinkedIn.

What can you tell people who are thinking about buying a ticket that they might be able to find out about live video when they come to the conference and hear you speak? Oh, well live video is, I'm thinking, the way to sort of combat the AI bots and the fakery and all those crazy videos that are out there right now.

So, live video, it's allowing people to really get to know, like, and trust you, because with a live, you're genuine, it's not this, you know, edited version of you, it's you being the expert that you are.

So, when you can actually lock in and answer a question live, people know that you know your stuff.

So, that's why I'm excited about live video, plus live video, you get two bangs for your buck in that you make your live video, and then you repurpose it as recorded video.

So, that to me is just like let's get our time together so that when doing video once and getting massive amount of leverage out of that take.

Yeah, that's a great point.

I always emphasise this fact that video is the most extensible format.

And we are recording this as a video right now.

But I'm going to be taking the audio from this and turning it into the UpLift Live podcast.

You might be listening to the UpLift Live podcast, as I say these words.

And but yes, like you said, two bangs for your buck there, video and audio at the same time.

And there's no more personal way of creating content than via video on LinkedIn.

And there's no more personal experience than actually meeting people in real life.

So, we really want to see people coming to Birmingham, UK, next year.

The conference is going to be on Thursday 21 March 2024.

And the tickets are now available so you can buy them at uplift-live.com.

Gillian is one of 7 apex operators of LinkedIn who is going to be speaking on stage about various topics about LinkedIn.

Gillian specialises in live video, but we'll have all sorts of other advanced things like Sales Navigator and Recruiter and advanced searching and all sorts of good stuff.

So, if you want to join us, if you want to see Gillian in action, and loads of other good speakers come to Birmingham, it's going to be a wonderful event.

I can't wait to meet you in person, Gillian, now that we've been connected for a few years.

It'll be great to give you a hug and see you in person.

So, loads of great networking potentials.

And we'll see you all there very, very soon.

And thanks for joining me, Gillian.

Oh, I'm so excited.

And as I said before, if you are thinking about coming and doing a road trip to the UK, there is no better time than now.

So, you know, hey, I'm getting on a plane.

I'm coming from Las Vegas.

So, I'll bring a bunch of show girls with me.

Fantastic, I'll hold you to that! Thanks for being here, Gillian, and we'll see you soon.


I absolutely adore Gillian. She's always so helpful with her content and behind the scenes, and I just  can't wait to meet her in person.

If you're ready to get onboard, grab yourself a ticket to UpLift Live at uplift-live.com – and if you know anyone else who'd be interested in an advanced conference about LinkedIn, tell them about this podcast and how to get a ticket!

Lift-off is coming soon, so thanks for listening and stick with us as we prepare for launch.

This is Mission Control … over and out.

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