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13-09-2023 • 6 mins

Our next speaker announcement takes us to Halifax in the north of England. Meet Nigel Cliffe, who is joining us to speak onstage in Birmingham at UpLift Live on the topic of Sales Navigator and advanced LinkedIn search.


Boy, I didn't know how to get this value out of understanding search to a level beyond what the filters on linkedin.com provide, or even to that extent, what the filters on Sales Navigator provide.

So, when we look a bit deeper, there's a lot to be found.

Welcome back to the UpLift Live podcast. This is John Espirian from the Mission Control team for UpLift Live, which is the UK's first LinkedIn-focused conference for LinkedIn specialists, power users and enthusiasts.

It's time for another speaker announcement, and this time we're talking with the man who is "Linkedincredible": it's Nigel Cliffe.

Nigel is based in Halifax in the north of England, and he's speaking at UpLift Live to share tips on Sales Navigator and advanced search on LinkedIn.

Let's hop aboard and get to the interview with Nigel.

Nigel Cliffe, welcome to the UpLift Live podcast.

You are going to be one of our speakers at our event in Birmingham next year.

Nigel, tell me, what do you know about LinkedIn? Thank you, John.

I'm delighted to be here.

What do I know about LinkedIn? I'm still learning.

I guess I would be the LinkedIn trainer and consultant mentor for the last 10 years plus.

I know a fair bit, I guess, but everybody has their own journey.

And there are many ways to cut and dice LinkedIn.

I guess what I say about myself is what I do I know works for the people and clients, businesses that I've served over that decade.

Simple as that.

Yeah, you really do.

Because I mean, I've taken your course over 6 weeks.

And it's fantastic.

So, I highly, highly recommend that.

So, anyone who wants to learn more about LinkedIn through a course-based structure, definitely go and check out Nigel's.

Is it the Incredible Academy? Incredible Accelerator.

Academy will do! Incredible Accelerator.

That's the one.

And yes, it's a fantastic course.

So, you're coming to speak to us at the UpLift Live conference in Birmingham next year, which is on 21 March.

It's a whole day event, we've got 7 apex operators of LinkedIn speaking together, and Nigel is one of them.

Nigel, tell us a little bit about what you're going to speak about without giving away too many of the goods.

No, thank you.

And thanks ever so much for inviting me.

I can't wait for that event, John.

It's sort of been in my mind for something, this has been missing our people's calendars, hasn't it, for a long time.

So, I'm so thrilled you're doing it.

What am I doing? I'm going to be talking about Sales Navigator, but probably more importantly, about the topic of search, both on and off LinkedIn.

I hope to be sharing some top tips that I've learned through Boolean architecture understanding over the last decade.

And often in my training programmes, as you witnessed, some of the most revealing content and information that people have enjoyed has been around that topic.

Boy, I didn't know how to get this value out of understanding search to a level beyond what the filters on linkedin.com provide, or even to that extent, what the filters on Sales Navigator provide.

So, when we look a bit deeper, there's a lot to be found.

I'm going to be sharing those tips with everybody.

Good man.

Well, this is the kind of stuff that you're not going to get at another marketing conference, because LinkedIn is often an afterthought at those things.

And you're just not going to dig into the technical detail.

So, even something like Boolean search, which will be might be an alien concept to some people, that's the kind of thing that we're going to dig into, so you can get under the hood of LinkedIn.

And there's no there's no better person than Nigel to do that with us.

So, really, really looking forward to that.

What are you looking forward to most about the event, Nigel? Well, first and foremost, I'm looking forward to learning from some top people who are coming on that platform.

I don't know who they are.

So, that's going to be really interesting.

And also to hopefully meet so many friends in the audience.

We've such a powerful community here on LinkedIn, haven't we, John, of people who we've kind of really get to, I mean, I've met you in person a couple of times, so that's been wonderful.

But you know, just the opportunity to meet people in person that I've built wonderful relationships with online over the last, however many years, it'd be great to meet them and, you know, just get to say hello, the first time perhaps.

Yeah, absolutely.

It's one of the things that's really struck me a lot is the collegiate atmosphere between LinkedIn specialists.

So, there's lots of us about in the UK, the US, Australia, all over the place.

And everyone seems very, very keen to share what they've found, with everyone else, new features, bugs, changes, all the random stuff that LinkedIn never tells you about.

And it's going to be over a course of a day, us sharing all of that in one room.

So, if you want to get a ticket, now's the time to buy.

It's the best price it's ever going to be.

So, take a look at uplift-live.com.

And you can buy a ticket and the event is in person on Thursday 21 March 2024 in Birmingham in the UK.

We'll have on-demand tickets available as well for people who can't make it but at the moment we're selling in-person tickets, so see you all there.

You'll see Nigel and 6 other people speaking onstage.

Nigel, thank you for joining us, and I'll see you in Birmingham.


Look forward to it, John.

Thanks for inviting me.

Can't wait!

Thanks to Nigel for agreeing to join us at UpLift Live. We've met before a couple of times, and he's a lovely person: really friendly, knowledgeable, engaging. I'm sure you're going to love him.

If you're ready to get onboard, grab yourself a ticket to UpLift Live at uplift-live.com – and if you know anyone else who'd be interested in an advanced conference about LinkedIn, tell them about this podcast and how to get a ticket!

Lift-off is coming soon, so thanks for listening and stick with us as we prepare for launch.

This is Mission Control … over and out.

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