Ricci Connolly - Nash Off The Hook Podcast - S2 Episode 163

The Official Nash Tackle Podcast

10-12-2023 • 2 hrs 29 mins

This week the podcast welcomes owner of Fishon Tackle and all round top angler Ricci Connolly.

Ricci is a carp catching machine. Despite his very busy job running a leading tackle store Ricci manages to balance his life to always allow time for him to catch some of the finest carp in the country.

Ricci shares stories from his early years including some incredible historic chapters fishing in and around Kent at the likes of Barden, Spider Hall as well as adventures to big public lakes in France and Belgium. Ricci also talks about his enthusiasm for travel and how this lead him to catching carp in Canada and other more exotic species all over the world.

In recent times he has had some incredible success on a local Kent syndicate which lead to him catching a 60lb+ carp. He also shares his secrets to success and his thoughts on particles and rigs that have made the difference on a number of venues including Ashbury Fisheries.

Finally Ricci talks about the 13+ years of success running his tackle shop and what the realities of life in the trade is like.

This podcast is both entertaining and informative, Ricci is a charismatic, very knowledgeable and articulate man who has craved his own path and done things his way!