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Fail To Prepare - Prepare to Fail: The Four Weeks That Make Or Break A Season.

Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell

06-05-2020 • 35 mins

For fans, the season begins on match day one, but for clubs and players the four weeks of preseason can determine the quality of an entire campaign. In this episode Stevie takes us behind the scenes to reveal how top EPL and MLS teams make sure they get off to the right start, and peak at the best time, over a grueling ten month season.

Episode Notes: How pre-season is a battle with yourself to be on the team sheet for the first game of the season.

How a hill-run to a castle became Stevie’s annual pre-season fitness gauge, and the shift in sports science that introduced ball work from day one.

We learn how academy culture can help North American soccer progress, and discuss the importance of MLS teams traveling to Europe to pit themselves against different kinds of opponents.

Stevie reveals pre-season highlights and lowlights - including team building in US bars, and team breakouts from remote Alpine camps.

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