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‘At your highest level you have to work even harder’ - Justin Morrow’s rise to the top

Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell

29-04-2020 • 1 hr 7 mins

It’s access-all-areas in this debut episode of Conversations with Caldwell, as TFC’s Justin Morrow cracks a beer with Stevie - his former team mate and captain - to share sixty minutes of candid insights on the demanding and colorful journey to the top of the MLS.

Episode Notes: How family values played a key role in preparing Justin for performance at the highest level, as well as the early steps from backyard soccer to College life, and the first taste of freedom at Notre Dame.

We learn about the challenging uncertainty of the draft, and the important lessons Justin learned on loan spells during his first year at San Jose Earthquakes.

What happens when a Manager that believes in you is fired and replaced with another who doesn't? How does it affect the locker room when three key players leave the squad unexpectedly in pre-season? And how do you bounce back from missing the first professional penalty you’ve ever taken, in the most important game of your career?

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