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Complementary Contrast: How The Best Team Mates ‘Allow You To Shine’

Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell

22-04-2020 • 20 mins

In this episode Stevie discusses the qualities that make great pairings work and describes the healthy rivalry that took both him and his brother, Gary, all the way from the North Brimmage Colts to playing for their country, and alongside one another in the EPL.

Episode Notes: Stevie reminisces on how he paved the way for his younger brother to progress rapidly through the youth system at Newcastle, before they became only the second set of brothers to play together for Scotland at senior level.

Discussing his best partnerships with players such as Jonathon Woodgate and Curtis Davis, Stevie explores the different ways that team mates combine to create success on the field.

We run through some of the most fearsome pairings ever seen in the EPL and MLS, and look at how the classic treble-winning Man U side of 1999 actually had a sequence of partnerships not just across the pitch, but also waiting on the bench as well.

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