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Player to Player with Bradley Wright-Phillips

Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell

25-05-2020 • 1 hr 16 mins

At only 19 years old, Bradley Wright-Phillips scored four minutes into his EPL debut and had the world at his feet. But just a few years later he was short on goals and confidence in the Championship.

When Red Bull New York handed him a lifeline and a chance to revitalize his career in the MLS Wright-Phillips took the league by storm and went on to become Red Bull’s all time leading goal scorer.

In this episode of Player to Player Stevie sits down with Bradley Wright-Phillips to find out about the pressures of being born into a famous footballing family, and what the future holds (after lockdown) at LA FC.

Episode Notes: With football literally in his blood, Wright Phillips' love of the game started early, and in the pre-internet days it was all about videos.

But soon real life became more interesting, when Wright-Phillips finally realized just what a world-class talent his father Ian Wright was.

Going through the ranks of youth football at Notts Forest and Man City, Wright-Phillips learned that having a famous father and talented older brother placed him under greater scrutiny than other players.

After Bradley’s illustrious debut the Wright-Phillips brother soon found themselves on different footballing trajectories, and it took time for Bradley to find his feet - and his own game.

Reflecting on the challenges of his early professional career, Wright-Phillips believes he was hampered by his own relaxed attitude after such a bright start at Man City.

And when he got his chance in the MLS, the quality of one (super-star) teammate in particular spurred Wright-Phillips on to record-breaking form.

Check out the full interview for more fascinating stories and insights including the Wright-Phillips brothers reunited in NYC, and how Bradley still feels let down by the circumstances surrounding his own departure from the club.

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