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The Fighting Spirit vs. Plain Old Fighting: How Elite Players Balance Aggression and Accountability For Success.

Footy Talks with Steven Caldwell

24-04-2020 • 26 mins

Passion and aggression are key components of the game, but elite footballers need as much skill controlling their emotions as they do controlling the ball. In this episode, Stevie shares incredible EPL anecdotes to explore how fighting and confrontation can both help and hinder the team.

Episode Notes: How players and team mates responded to the EPL’s most infamous on-field bust up. (Dyer to Bowyer: ‘because you’re SH*T!’)

How Mick McCarthy created a confrontational culture that actually powered the team to the Premiership.

As captain, how to know when to bring harmony and when to bring the pain.

Clashes at TFC, and the difference between UK and north American on-field confrontations.

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