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A Bookchat about A Love Discovered with Tracie Peterson
A Bookchat about A Love Discovered with Tracie Peterson
Tracie Peterson joins us for a chat about leaving a legacy, Cheyenne history, a fun day in her life, and her latest release A Love Discovered. Don’t forget to enter to win a copy of this great book!  About the author Tracie Peterson gave her life to Jesus at the age of six. Tracie knew at an early age that God was calling her to ministry, and writing for Him has allowed her to offer the Gospel message and encourage people to hope in the Lord. Her motto in writing, as well as all other aspects of life is Soli Deo Gloria—For God Alone the Glory. Often called the “Queen of Historical Christian Fiction,” Tracie Peterson is an ECPA, CBA and USA Today best-selling author of more than 110 books, most of those historical. Author questions This is the third time you have been on the show, and it is always such a joy. Your writing career is highlighted by books that minster and your willingness to mentor other writers. Your motto for life is For God Alone the Glory. What kind of legacy do you hope to build in the Christian book industry?  What does a fun day look like to you? With all the historical novels you’ve written, you’ve likely done a lot of research. What is something that was most fascinating or shocking to you? Is there anything especially interesting that you haven’t covered in other interviews that you could share with us or perhaps there is something God has laid on your heart that you would like to share with your readers?  About the book A Love Discovered. Invited by a friend to trek west and help establish the newly formed town of Cheyenne, Edward Vogel is prepared to leave the haunting memories of his wife and son’s deaths behind him. The only problem is the corrupt new railroad town wants family men who can establish law and order, and desperation leads Edward to his friend Marybeth with a proposition of marriage. After her father’s death leaves her with no means of support, Marybeth Kruger is in danger of having her two-year-old half sister taken from her. So when Edward Vogel, the widower husband of her late best friend, offers her a marriage of convenience to escape both their troubles, she has no choice but to accept. Life in Cheyenne is fraught with danger, but will this arrangement be enough to save Edward and Marybeth from the pasts they tried to escape? Or will life with each other put them—and their hearts—-in more danger than ever? Book questions What about such an arrangement is different than the popular love of first sight we often see in entertainment today? What kind of place was Cheyenne in the time period your story is set in? A Love Discovered is the first book in THE HEART OF CHEYENNE series. What is the connecting element for all of the books in this series? What’s next for your writing? Connect with Tracie Peterson: Newsletter, Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, BookBub, and Instagram.