Leading Transformation & Change at Dignity & Pal International with MD of The Good Comms Company, Kate Goodman - #7

Work Happy by Silicon Reef

29-06-2021 • 38 mins

In times of great change like we’ve faced for the better part of 15 months now, transforming the foundations of an organisation’s internal comms strategy becomes a greater challenge, with increased importance placed on communicating culture through new and more accessible channels.

With experience shaping change at Aviva, RAC, Pal International and Dignity to name a few successful endeavours, Kate Goodman has really demonstrated an ability to nurture the titular element of her business, The Good Comms Company.

Kate joins us on this week’s Work Happy to discuss her current transformation schemes, the unique considerations that come with varying employee demographics, and how differing attitudes to the future workplace can impact the morale of your workforce.

This episode covers

  • Implementing internal comms in businesses without any prior channels
  • Tailoring your approach to comms based on employee demographics
  • How Kate is using real stories from Covid to offer advice in an upcoming book
  • The role of trust and flexible working in a future workplace

Links and references at: https://siliconreef.co.uk/work-happy-podcast/