Crafting Virgin Media’s authentic internal network with Internal Communications Director, Jess Lonsdale - #3

Work Happy by Silicon Reef

11-05-2021 • 41 mins

Connecting with employees in a business environment can be approached in much the same way you would a customer, where authentic content with the audience at the heart of the conversation is paramount. Such is the approach taken at Virgin Media by their Internal Communications Director, Jess Lonsdale.

On episode 3 of ‘Work Happy’ Jess joins us to talk about the values at Virgin’s businesses that have kept her with the company for nearly 15 years, the evolution of their collaborative work through Office 365, and how the formula for a winning team requires attention to both “me” and “we”.

This episode covers

  • Overhauling Virgin Media’s approach to their intranet
  • Using MS Teams to vary Virgin’s communications channels
  • Importance of authenticity in content
  • Putting employees at the heart of comms like they would a customer
  • The “me” and “we” of having an effective team
  • Incorporating ‘welldoing’ into Jess’ outlook on Work Happy

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