Building IKEA’s culture of togetherness with CEO Communication Leader & Global Head of Co-Worker Communication, Daniela Rogosic and Guy Britt - #1

Work Happy by Silicon Reef

10-05-2021 • 37 mins

Welcome to the SERIES PREMIERE of Work Happy - a podcast series focused on using technology to explore better ways of working.

We’re kickstarting this podcast with a breakdown of the methods behind IKEA’s incredible, almost family-like culture. From their emphasis on togetherness, to their dedication to highlighting motivating stories from stores around the world through Yammer, there’s no stronger advocate for IKEA’s internal communications strategy than Daniela Rogosic and Guy Britt.

IKEA’s CEO Communication Leader and Global Head of Co-Worker Communication both join Alex Graves, Founder & MD of Silicon Reef and host of ‘Work Happy’, to pull back the curtain on ‘Flatpack TV’, how they connect with a workforce that are predominantly on the shop floor, and picking the right channels to encourage their teams to look after one another.

This episode covers

  • Communicating with a workforce largely away from PC’s and laptops
  • The strengthened culture provided by IKEA’s ‘Bible’
  • Creating the ‘Flatpack TV’ show for its staff
  • IKEA’s view on the future of working flexibly
  • Emphasising conversations over monologues at their events
  • Supporting mental health, and the ways co-workers lift each other

Connect with Alex: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iamalexgraves/
Links & references at: https://siliconreef.co.uk/work-happy-podcast/