A Global Approach to Flexi-Working with TUI’s Dawn Robinson & Samantha Dye - #5

Work Happy by Silicon Reef

25-05-2021 • 56 mins

As challenging as 2020 was for all of us, worldwide travel bans proved to be an incomparable hurdle in the travel industry. Now as the dust settles and the allure of abroad seems stronger than ever before, TUI are taking notes on the lessons from lockdown and implementing them throughout their global team.

TUI’s Dawn Robinson and Samantha Dye join us on ‘Work Happy’ to detail the degree of flexibility that’s expected from a future workplace, consider how they’ve shifted channels to invite more interaction among staff, and what makes a truly engaging virtual experience.

This episode covers

  • Shifting content and channels to suit more virtual work
  • Allowing people to keep a better life balance, not just work-life balance
  • TUI’s ‘Flexible As You Like’ approach to remote work
  • Trying new approaches to delivering team-building content
  • Connecting colleagues across the globe

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